Because we are a small shop and do all of the work ourselves, we are able to offer competitive and flexible pricing for design and production in order to meet budgetary needs. This often may involve utilizing creative solutions in order to do so, but we remain committed to providing quality work for fair prices.

Our general work process is to meet and discuss your desired project, goals and budget and timeline restrictions. From there we will draft a proposal outlining the work process specific to your project and the associated costs. Once the proposal/contract is approved, we get to work designing. We will generally submit design options to you electronically via PDF. At this point it usually takes two to three rounds of revisions to get the design finalized. Once you approve the design and confirm paper selection and the quanitity you want to have printed, we go to press. The complexity of your project in terms of color, size and/or quantity will determine how long it will take to print. Once printing is complete, we trim the pieces to final size and package them for delivery.

Each project varies so widely depending on the design, number of colors, type of paper, etc that it is impossible to tell you exactly how much a typical piece will cost or how long it will take to print. But if you have the details and designs ready (or even just the idea) ready to go, then give us a call and let's see what we can do!